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Testimonials: Testimonials

I cannot recommend Joyti enough!! Right off the bat, I had been in conversations with a couple of different wedding coordinators but I knew I wanted to choose Joyti as soon as I had my initial chat with her. She was professional, friendly, had a calm demeanor, and I just felt an instant connection with her. Joyti was so organized and answered promptly anytime we had any questions or concerns. Having been a wedding coordinator in the past myself as well as being a pretty detail-oriented person, I worried whether I would be able to fully let go of the reins to enjoy my wedding day. Joyti 100% allowed me to do so. Not once on my wedding day did I worry about anything as I trusted her completely and she handled everything so seamlessly. If any hiccups occurred, I didn’t even notice!! I can’t thank Joyti enough for being part of my special day and I will only be recommending her to all my friends and family.

Michelle & Adrian

Planning a wedding during COVID is quite stressful, with unknown and ever-changing restrictions. Joyti and her team went above and beyond in making our wedding an amazing event that ran smoothly. All the guests commented on how perfect the day was  - this was due to Joyti’s hard work behind the scenes, in the days and weeks leading up to the event.
Hiring Joyti meant we got to relax on the day of our wedding and before the wedding, and so did our family and friends. Our family and friends were extremely grateful for this, as they also got to fully enjoy the day and relax. Hiring Joyti was by far the best investment we made for our wedding day - all of our memories of the day involve us just spending time with our guests and not worrying about a thing!
We had to deal with a few very difficult vendors. Joyti communicated with them and managed them all successfully to ensure our wedding ceremony and reception were perfect. She was able to get us what we wanted from our vendors, without the hassle of us always dealing with them. She managed these situations with tact, grace and she was polite, but firm when negotiating with our venue and other vendors to ensure they delivered what they had promised in our contracts.
We hired her because of her friendly, hard-working attitude, her diverse, extensive experience in the events industry, her knowledge of different cultures and wedding traditions, and her knowledge of vendors across the industry. She became a close confidante and a friend to us over the weeks of planning - we incorporated many of her suggestions and ideas into our final decisions. We would happily recommend Joyti to anyone we know!

Sumita & Sanjan

Testimonials: Testimonials
Catherine Goce Photography_edited_edited.jpg

From the get-go Joyti was very clear with our vision and always kept communication open throughout the entire planning process. I more than once have messaged her after business hours and she still responded. She continuously went above and beyond the call of duty. I think for any bride/couple that’s really helpful as anxiety does build closer to the day. She was also prepared on the day-of with eyelash glue for one of my bridesmaids and she even had a box of snacks she offered to family members that were feeling ill due to the extensive heat. She’s very organized and detail-oriented. She’s also very patient and provided great feedback and advice. Overall, I am so happy Joyti and I were a good fit personality wise and I invested in a day-of coordinator. I would definitely recommend her as the services she offers and work she does is amazing!!!

Monique & Daniel

Testimonials: Testimonials

First of all, we wanted to express our sincere gratitude to our wedding coordinator, Joyti from Meraki Events. When we initially planned our wedding, we felt a coordinator was not necessary, because we could have delegated certain family members/friends to help us.  But as we began to think more about the logistics of the wedding day, we then contemplated hiring someone to help. 
Planning a pandemic wedding was no easy feat as there was so much uncertainty, but Joyti was highly referred to us by another couple who had their wedding recently from the same venue.  They had high praises for Joyti and were they right!  From the beginning, Joyti was exceptionally professional, hardworking, and organized.  The thing that stood out to us in hiring Joyti was that not only did she have knowledge and experience in coordinating weddings, but she also had experience coordinating weddings from a vendor/venue lens. This was very helpful when trying to navigate the smaller details of planning a wedding.
Joyti’s attention to detail was apparent, as the entire wedding day had gone smoothly without a hitch. If there was a hitch, we didn’t even know about it because I’m sure Joyti and her team had it all under control.  We honestly had nothing to worry about and were able to fully enjoy the day with our guests, which was something important and invaluable to us. Joyti poured countless hours into coordinating our wedding and will take the extra step to ensure your wedding goes smoothly. Joyti’s amiable personality and passion for her work made working with her very enjoyable. 
If you are contemplating hiring Meraki Events as your wedding coordinator, we say just do it as you won’t regret it!  Joyti was one of the best decisions we made when it came to planning our wedding and she definitely exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend her without a doubt. Thank you for making our day so memorable!

Katherine & Sergio

Testimonials: Testimonials

From the moment we began planning for my bridal shower, Joyti was a dream to work with. The level of professionalism and ease of communication with Joyti made my life planning a lot easier. She offered amazing insight, from food decisions to floor plans and seating arrangements, and even centerpieces. She was patient and flexible with us, constantly following up promptly with our meetings and making sure I was getting the best value and experience. At the shower itself, the service was impeccable. Everything was done exactly as I had wanted. She even noticed I was anxious and not eating properly, and came over to the table with a yummy plate! Overall, this experience with Meraki Events could not be matched and made my dream bridal shower a reality.

Lidia Saleh

Testimonials: Testimonials

We are so happy that we chose Meraki Events to begin this next chapter in our relationship! Joyti answered question after question with patience and knowledge. She was there on our wedding day to make sure that everything went smoothly and was able to offer suggestions during the entire process.
We are so grateful for Joyti's role in one of our most special days. She is flexible, kind, and professional. The value of the planning package was the best and we believe that it became even more valuable as our day got closer and Joyti accommodated all of our requests. Our day was fun, classy, organized and entirely stress-free.

Amber & Ken

Testimonials: Testimonials

Joyti was such an essential person on our day and as well as leading up to our wedding day - our wedding day would not have been as smooth, organized, and perfect without her attendance.
Joyti went above and beyond 100 per cent -- she really took over certain events and moments, such as when we almost had a $5000K charge by our ceremony venue, 5 days before the wedding, and she truly went to every length to handle the situation. We prepared for the worst, but Joyti worked her charm and she managed to get our cocktail hour as originally planned for, by speaking directly to the owner of the venue and navigating conversations with venue employees. Joyti went out of her way to email me months leading up to the wedding, organized a timeline with multiple revisions as new information became available, introduced herself to all the vendors, and was the point person for everything.
She truly made our big day possible and we are both extremely thankful for her services. We both highly recommend Joyti for any event or gathering.  Her professionalism, care, and tenacity is second-to-none. Joyti treats your day as if it’s her very own and works to make sure you’re in good hands throughout the entire process. Joyti is the best event planner, and we will be using her in the future for any other gatherings we have. Thank you Joyti!!

Samantha & Dane

Testimonials: Testimonials

Joyti was absolutely fantastic to work with. Right from the start, she was ON IT. She clearly understood our vision and executed it better than we ever thought anyone could have. She took so much stress off our plate and we had absolute confidence that everything was being handled. Joyti kept us updated every single step of the way. 
Not only did Joyti handle our wedding - she also handled us very well! She always made sure she went above and beyond. She made sure that I was on time for everything that I needed to do and would give me a gentle push when I needed it.
Joyti was also very patient and gave excellent advice/recommendations. Aaron and I could not be more grateful to Joyti and will 100% be recommending her to everyone we know who is planning an event. 
Everyone should hire her!!

Carlee & Aaron

Testimonials: Testimonials

Do you feel that hiring a wedding coordinator was a worthwhile investment?

Aside from picking my husband hiring Joyti was the best decision I made. She helped so much with the planning process and I am forever grateful. Thank you for all the work you did on the day of. I was able to enjoy the wedding and know that everything was being handled seamlessly.

Triana & Aidan

Testimonials: Testimonials

I highly recommend Joyti at Meraki Events. She was incredibly detail-oriented, a great communicator, and absolutely blew my husband and I away on our wedding day. I did not have to worry about a thing and our wedding day ran SO smoothly. If you're unsure whether or not to hire Joyti, here is your sign!! I wish I could give her more than 5 stars!!

Alexa & Michael

Testimonials: Testimonials

To anyone out there who just got engaged don’t even think twice - the first thing you need to do is book Joyti! My wedding would have never been as stress-free as it was if she wasn’t with me every step of the way. She is so detail-oriented and has such great relationships with vendors that made the whole process pleasant. The timeline she made helped me and all members of the wedding party stay organized and on top of their assigned task for the day. Her thoughtful touches and even the way she handles hiccups are what a bride needs. I didn’t have to worry about a single thing on my day except for getting hair and makeup done and getting down the isle. She thought of everything from clear umbrellas to arranging transportation to even hydrating and food breaks in the morning!
She became my person that day and helped calm my nerves. I would recommend her time and time again!!!

Eleni & Joe

Testimonials: Testimonials

Dear Joyti,

You are truly a master at what you do. We had absolutely no idea how valuable you were going to be when we decided to work together. We thought all we needed was someone to set up the tables of the venue before the reception as they would not give us access until 4:00 PM the day of the wedding!! Literally, after we will be married! 

I am very hands-on so we didn't think we needed a 'wedding planner' but what you bring to the table is so far beyond a 'day of coordinator'.

You kept us organized and on time, and you have gone far beyond the extra mile with the communication leading up to the wedding. You think of questions to ask that would never have crossed our minds.

We would be utterly lost without you.  

Elisa & Evan

Testimonials: Testimonials
Gurpreet Harman Wedding-1591_edited_edited.jpg

Seriously, without you, I would not have been able to make this event happen. You were SO insightful and helpful and just perfect!! 

Thank you so so much!!

Gurpreet & Harman

Testimonials: Testimonials

Hiring Joyti was the best decision we made throughout our wedding planning process! We were referred to her by one of my coworkers and from the moment we began working with her to the day of the wedding, we could not have been more impressed. Joyti is extremely sharp, organized, and proactive. She’s also so personable, reassuring, and truly cared about the success of our event. In so many instances, she went above and beyond to help with any questions or concerns we had. She even saved us money by negotiating with our venue on some last-minute menu additions. I was really impressed with how well she worked with our vendors to solve any small unforeseen issues that arose on the day of our wedding. My husband and I were so stress-free on our wedding day and that was all thanks to Joyti and her assistant who couldn’t have done a better job making sure the day ran smoothly. To anyone on the fence about hiring a coordinator, Joyti is absolutely worth the investment and more!

Valentina & Matthew

Testimonials: Testimonials

If there is one piece of advice this bride can give to another it is to hire Joyti. We didn’t think a planner was necessary for our intimate affair, but as the littlest things started to pile up we realized that it was a priority for us and our wedding party to be fully present and enjoy this special day. 
From our first conversation, we knew Joyti was a force of nature. That was proven time and again throughout the process of planning and especially in the final week and on day of our wedding. Calm with the right sense of urgency. Professional but playful. Flexible but decisive. She hit the ground running, picking up from all initial communications with the vendors and ironing through every detail. On the day of our wedding, it was seamless and only the most perceptive of eyes would have noticed her tugging on the strings behind the scenes.
Regardless of the size or type of your occasion, you will have confidence knowing that when you work with Meraki Events, it will be a success and you’ll be able to actually enjoy it yourself!

Rachel & Thomas

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials

There are not enough words to describe how amazing Joyti and her team at Meraki Events are! Joyti is so talented, professional, and hard working. From the start, Joyti understood our vision for the day and was always there during the planning phases to answer any questions, to provide good feedback and to provide insight to help us make important decisions. She went above and beyond for us many times but most especially when we contracted COVID two days before the wedding date!! Our worst nightmare came true but this was only short-lived thanks to Joyti’s quick thinking and resourcefulness. She was the first person we called and we were right in doing so. She immediately took the initiative and reached out to all the vendors (including the venue), and I kid you not - within one and half hours of being notified, Joyti was able to reschedule our wedding, communicate changes to all our vendors, redrafted all vendor contracts, and began to outline a plan to notify the guests. Truly incredible!! She was able to take charge of such a delicate situation and put us all at ease, all while still being there for us as a friend to support us emotionally each and every step of the way.
Joyti's countless hours of preparation truly came to light on the day of as no detail was amiss. She and the Meraki Events team made the visions of our wedding day come to life, helping set up many of our DIY decorations. Many of our guests commented on how smooth the event had gone - including many of our vendors who so positively raved about Joyti! They were so impressed by her communication skills, detailed vendor timeline, and ability to handle the change in dates so swiftly.  My husband and I were once again blown away by Joyti when she seamlessly coordinated our surprises to each other during our first dance, even after the date change!!
Needless to say, having Joyti as our Wedding Day-Of Coordinator was one of the best decisions we could have made! Her passion, experience in the events industry, knowledge, and commitment to the couple is what sets her apart from others.  We knew that we could enjoy each and every moment of our wedding day, knowing Joyti and her team had everything under control. Do not think twice about hiring Joyti and Meraki Events. Just do it! She will exceed all of your expectations, and you will gain a friend along the way!

Onella & Joel


How did your coordinator handle any unforeseen situations?

We were running ahead of schedule for the reception and Joyti had this great idea of having photos taken with each table as we waited for the venue to finish the dinner buffet setup. So many guests loved the idea and it allowed us the opportunity to meet everyone/take photos with all of the guests so we could enjoy the rest of the night. It was a wonderful highlight and displays the addition Joyti adds by working with you!

Tanya & Safa

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials

 Joyti was an amazing addition to our wedding team and made the whole process and experience so much easier, allowing us to be fully present on our wedding day! She was so prepared going into our wedding day, that I was able to let everything go and not worry about a single thing - which makes all the difference, truly.

Before the wedding day, she was extremely responsive, via email, texts, and phone calls and got in touch with all of our vendors and our MC, officiant etc. to ensure all the details and order of events had been finalized and communicated.

On the day itself, she made sure to utilize all of our florals (ceremony and bridesmaids bouquets) and re-purposed them around the venue so they enhanced the space and our overall decor. She also ensured we had a few minutes to ourselves and allowed us to sneak away after the ceremony and even made time for us to do a room reveal before all the guests entered.  I would highly recommend Joyti!!!

Ella & Patrick

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-13 at 16.13_edited.jpg

From the onset of our wedding planning process, we knew that we would need to have a wedding coordinator on board to prevent feeling in over our heads. Choosing Joyti to be that person for us was the best decision we could have made! Our initial phone consultation was enough for us to identify that Joyti was incredibly professional, knowledgeable in her field, detail-oriented, and passionate. We knew right away that she was a perfect fit for our wedding day. 
Throughout the planning process, Joyti made herself available to us to provide guidance and reassurance, and to answer any questions we had. She was always on the ball and did a great job of keeping us on track. Leading up to the wedding she completely took over our vendor communications to lighten our load and was a significant help in navigating last-minute decisions and details. She was also a great resource for helping us negotiate better deals with some of our vendors. In the days preceding the wedding, we probably bugged Joyti more than we should have, but she was always receptive, kind, patient, and willing to help. She truly went above and beyond for us! 
We received so many compliments from our family and friends about our wedding running so seamlessly - that in large part is due to Joyti’s hard work! We would hire her again in a heartbeat and have already passed on recommendations for her to friends and family. Joyti has truly created something wonderful with Meraki Events. We love her!

Raeesah & Juremy

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials

We are so happy we hired Joyti to be our wedding day coordinator - having been in a bridal party of a wedding she coordinated in the past, we got to see her organization skills firsthand and knew she would be the right choice for us.
Joyti went above and beyond to help liaise with vendors, and answered any questions we had promptly during the planning process. On the wedding day, she made sure everything ran smoothly, so we were able to enjoy the time with our loved ones and not stress about logistics. Working with a wedding coordinator was definitely the right choice for us and we would highly recommend Meraki Events to our friends and family!

Nichi & Elaine


Joyti always got back to me right away whenever I had a question or wanted to make a change in a plan. She offered suggestions based on her experience but never in a pushy or controlling way, just to offer another perspective that I hadn’t thought of. Her communication was so clear and complete… a few of my other vendors made a point of telling me how refreshing it was to work with her and asked how I found her.
The day of the wedding she was very organized and prepared… she even brought an assistant to help with things- which ended up being a blessing for trying to orchestrate a family photo shot list of 20 excited family members on a time crunch.
Joyti made me a dinner plate and brought me a glass of wine while I was sitting on a couch having a quiet moment with my 94 year old grandfather…this may not seem like much but those 20 minutes here and there add up  (waiting to get a drink at the bar, making sure the gift box gets stored safely, etc.). When you have so many guests to try and make sure you spend time with, having undivided and uninterrupted time with grandparents is really important.
On the day of the wedding my now-husband forgot to bring some of the papers for the marriage licence. Joyti handled this quietly with my officiant and best man/MOH, and neither my husband nor I had a clue. The next morning, we got the papers and signed everything properly. We had such a laugh about it afterwards but this would have definitely caused stress had I known about this the day-of. 
It goes by SO fast. I didn’t want it to end. I’m so glad I was able to maximize quality time at my wedding and not have to worry about a thing.

Sarah & Mark

Testimonials: Testimonials

We have no words to describe Joyti’s dedication and effort to making our wedding events successful. She was extremely reliable, friendly, and punctual. The more involved she became in the planning process, the more our stress melted away. Just prior to our wedding day, some vendors wanted to add additional charges for unnecessary services. Our heads were spinning at the time, but Joyti had understood our contracts in detail, and strongly advocated for us, to save us on those charges. 
On the wedding and reception days, our families instantly felt confident in Joyti’s abilities and knew they could count on her as the go-to person if anything unexpected came about. Joyti was an excellent communicator, negotiator and point of comfort for both of us. Everything went as planned, even when we needed to squeeze in a couple extra minutes of dance practice in the bridal suite! Our vendors gave us very positive feedback on Joyti’s responsiveness and professionalism. We would highly recommend her as a wedding coordinator to any of our friends for the personal touch she brings.

Triyu & Rahul

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials
Liisa & Sam - Sneak Peek - 130_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

When we started wedding planning I knew a wedding planner was far out of our budget, plus we were capable of doing the planning ourselves and were looking forward to it. However, I wondered if there even was such a thing as ‘day of’ service so we could sit back and enjoy the day that we worked so hard to plan. I asked the venue and they recommended Joyti. She came into the planning process at just the right time. With a New Year’s Eve wedding there was SO much going on prior to the big day, especially with the holidays and last minute wedding stress but with Joyti’s help we were actually able to enjoy Hanukkah and Christmas knowing that Joyti had everything under control. 
Joyti ensured that we crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s time and time again to ensure that she knew how to make the day flow flawlessly and IT DID!
From start to finish the day was perfect. Aside from my own nerves, I was able to relax knowing that the flow of the evening was in Joyti’s hands. Our guests and families even commented on what a great show Joyti was running. Her help with decor and last minute requests like ensuring there was a table for speeches (which she even added decor to) was amazing. Any concerns we had, such as enough space for our Horah dance were quickly addressed. I would highly recommend Joyti to anyone like us, who are looking for someone they can entrust with ensuring that they can enjoy their day while a TON of the work is getting done behind the scenes. 
Thank you, Joyti!

Liisa & Sam

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